Da Capo Inquiry

Da Capo22This afternoon I made the decision to find out more about about Da Capo, the 2002 Catalina 310 listed for sale locally (Willsboro Bay Marina) on sailboatlistings.com.

At 4:44 PM I sent this message to the seller:

Beautiful boat. If it’s still for sale, would you please email me any known mechanical/structural/systems problems? Also any deferred maintenance issues that I should be aware of. I’m wondering if the boat would be available for a visit? I am in Essex, NY, and I would appreciate a chance to come and take a look with my wife. Thanks in advance.

This boat is in perfect condition and I will be glad to give you a visit! 

Less than two hours later I received this response:

Yes, my boat still for sale. This boat is in perfect condition and I will be glad to give you a visit! I’m from Montreal and will arrive at Willsboro friday afternoon. Can you come around 4 or 5 pm Friday ? Or Sunday afternoon ? I’m really in a rush to sell her, I have an eye on another boat which is the only one like it on the market. I really want it!

Hmmm… The seller’s prompt response initially excited me, then — once I read the email — concerned me. Too urgent? Red flag waving.

I decide to sleep on it before responding. Prudence…

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